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Pest Control Florauna, termite control, mice control, cockroach control, fleas and woodborers!

Pest Control Florauna As Pest Management, Hygiene and Cleaning needs of individuals and businesses vary it is important to treat each job uniquely, but with the same high level of effectiveness and customer service standards. Our experience has led us to adopt an approach of doing a job right the first time, ensuring that the correct amount and frequency of visits are set in place, and all guarantees are adhered to. Pest Control Florauna has its own fleet of vehicles to ensure reliability of service delivery and to implement quality control inspections and after sales support with our fantastic fumigation services.

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A: 990 Main rd, Florauna

Pest Control Florauna Qualified technicians are just a call away

All our technicians are suitably qualified and registered with the Department of Agriculture in terms of Act 36 of 1947. Every team is headed by a qualified technician with a registered “P” number.

At Pest Control Florauna we make sure that all customers are safe when the insecticides are being applied and we understand that it is important to use harmless products to humans or animals.

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At Pest Control Florauna our technicians are taken through the following to ensure that they are prepared before taking any job:

  • Company Training
  • Registered with the department of agriculture
  • Work experience
  • Standard training program
  • Health and safety lessons

Pest Control Florauna makes getting your yard pest free a breeze

At Pest Control Florauna we always put our customers first by taking care of all the hard work so you can get your place pest free without any further complications. Our Florauna offices provide a centralized access point for environmental technicians in and around Florauna.

At Pest Control Florauna we ensure that all our staff members are taken through the pest products and services catalog and that they know from the head we aim to providing our customers with reliable answers on everything pest control.

Pest Control Florauna offers only accredited professional technicians near you, read more about environmental technicians.

Guaranteed Pest Control Florauna
Guaranteed Pest Control Florauna

We work closely with the department of agriculture to ensure that our staff members and company are up to date with the latest offerings from the department. Being a forefront leader in the industry starts with each individual in the company and that’s  why we strive to ensure that everyone in the company is on the same page.

Professional Pest Management Florauna
Professional Pest Management Florauna

Being professional and highly skilled in Pest Controlling service products is our high priority in the company and all our technicians are also provided with incentives that aim to stimulate the need to be a better Pest technicians and we provide all the resources needed to accomplish your home or business is pest free.

Do not hesitate to call us and be empowered with the power to keep any sort of pest away from your house or business.

At Pest Control Florauna our services are affordable and easy to get a quote, all you have to do is give us a call.